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Whether you have 1000 visitors per day or 1000 orders per minute, we can provide a scalable hosting solution to suit your growing business.


Hosting solutions that won't let you down.

Kresko build powerful and scalable hosting solutions to meet any demand or budget.

Growth is the very definition of Kresko. We build all of our solutions to sustain your future growth, allowing you to focus on growing your business and not worrying about whether your website or app can cope with the extra demand, especially at peak times.

Our process

How we work.

  1. Consultation

    We will discuss the size and scale of your business, your expected traffic volumes, budget and your plans for future growth.

  2. Selection

    Once we know what your plans are, we can recommend the right hosting solution for your business, whether that's a cloud hosting solution or a metal hosting solution.

  3. Build

    If you decide to grow with a Kresko hosting solution, we will start building your tailored hosting solution.

  4. Service level agreement

    We guarantee 99.9% uptime, regardless of the solution we put in place. We'll even provide a credit to your account if the service level agreement is broken over a one-month period.

  5. Launch

    We will deploy your website or mobile application to your new production hosting solution at an agreed launch date and time.

  6. Grow

    Get out there and grow your company, we've got you covered!

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